Man of the Match Competition 2016/17

Supporters are invited to take part in the Man of the Match competition which is held at every match, home or away, throughout the season.

Entry costs £1 and each entrant can nominate their Man of the Match at the end of the game. The player with the most votes wins the award for that game.

The player with the most awards at the end of the season wins the Supporters' Man of the Match Trophy, which is awarded in memory of the late Steve Hickman, who instigated the competition around 15 years ago.

In addition, at every game, all supporters taking part are entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of wine - either red, white or rose - or a soft drinks option for supporters under 18.

The competition is organised by Brian Handy, our programme seller and matchday steward, who can usually be found in the programme hut before home games, and behind the Church End goal during the game itself, or in the bar before away games.

Man of the Match Winners 2016/17

18th July 2016 v Kidderminster Harriers (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Ken Whiteman)
13th August 2016 v Warrington Town (A) - CHRIS LAIT (Wine: Pauline Wiley)
15th August 2016 v Hednesford Town (H) - CHRIS LAIT (Wine: Simon Broadhead)
23rd August 2016 v Frickley Athletic (A) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Gordon Thomas)
27th August 2016 v Nantwich Town (A) - LEWIS PROBERT (Wine: Paul Higginson)
29th August 2016 v Barwell (H) - KAYELDEN BROWN (Wine: Les Butcher)
3rd September 2016 v Peterborough Sports (A) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Andy Gorton)
10th September 2016 v Matlock Town (A) - BRANDON HAGUE (Wine: Steve Hyde)
17th September 2016 v Mickleover Sports (A) - DAN SCARR (Wine: Karen Hough)
19th September 2016 v Halesowen Town (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Steve Coyle)
24th September 2016 v Whitby Town (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Ian Dunn)
27th September 2016 v Stafford Rangers (A) - JUNIOR SMIKLE (Wine: Steve Sidaway)
1st October 2016 v Ilkeston (A) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Eric Timmins)
5th October 2016 v Corby Town (A) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Spencer Billingham)
8th October 2016 v Marine (A) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Stuart Hill)
10th October 2016 v Sutton Coldfield Town (H) - KRISTIAN GREEN (Wine: Paul Knowles)
15th October 2016 v Nantwich Town (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Steve Sidaway)
18th October 2016 v Coalville Town (A) - DARRYL WESTLAKE (Wine: Richard Clark)
22nd October 2016 v Blyth Spartans (H) - JUNIOR SMIKLE (Wine: Ian Pilkington)
24th October 2016 v Stratford Town (H) - BRANDON HAGUE (Wine: Carol Horton)
29th October 2016 v King's Lynn Town (H) - BRANDON HAGUE (Wine: Karen Oliver)
31st October 2016 v Corby Town (H) - JAKE HEATH (Wine: Barry Cuff)
5th November 2016 v Whitehawk (A) - DAN SCARR (Wine: Neil Stevens-Wood)
7th November 2016 v Skelmersdale United (H) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine: Stuart Hill)
12th November 2016 v Spennymoor Town (A) - BRANDON HAGUE (Wine: Tony Nash)
14th November 2016 v Whitehawk (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Mike Avery)
19th November 2016 v Buxton (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Ian Binner)
26th November 2016 v Workington (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Paul Knowles)
6th December 2016 v Sutton Coldfield Town (A) - CONNOR GATER (Wine: Hugh Clark)
10th December 2016 v Ashton United (A) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine: Nick Wood)
13th December 2016 v Northampton Town (H) - DAN SCARR (Wine: Neil Stevens-Wood}
17th December 2016 v Spennymoor Town (H) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Ade Cowley)
26th December 2016 v Rushall Olympic (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Ian Dunn)
2nd January 2017 v Barwell (A) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine: Steve Coyle)
7th January 2017 v Wycombe Wanderers (A) - DAN SCARR (Wine: Jayne Hamilton)
10th January 2017 v Barwell (A) - JORDAN ARCHER (Wine: Dave Gorton)
14th January 2017 v Skelmersdale United (A) - JORDAN ARCHER (Wine: Tony Nash)
17th January 2017 v Mickleover Sports (A) - JORDAN ARCHER (Wine: Nick Wood)
21st January 2017 v Marine (H) - JORDAN ARCHER (Wine: Haydn Ryder)
28th January 2017 v Sutton Coldfield Town (A) - JORDAN ARCHER (Wine: Derek Edmonds)
30th January 2017 v Grantham Town (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Gordon Thomas)
4th February 2017 v Coalville Town (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Josh Beddall)
6th February 2017 v Ashton United (H) - KAYELDEN BROWN (Wine: Barry Cuff)
11th February 2017 v Grantham Town (A) - STUART PIERPOINT (Wine: Ian Dunn)
18th February 2017 v Blyth Spartans (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Nicola Partridge)
20th February 2017 v Warrington Town (H) - JOSH GREEN (Wine: Ian Binner)
25th February 2017 v Whitby Town (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Jim McComish)
27th February 2017 v Stafford Rangers (H) - JORDAN ARCHER (Wine: Eric Timmins)
4th March 2017 v Matlock Town (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Ian Pilkington)
7th March 2017 v Halesowen Town (H) - RICHARD SHO-SILVA (Wine: Karen Hough)
11th March 2017 v Mickleover Sports (H) - CHRIS KNIGHT (Wine: Ian Binner)
18th March 2017 v Workington (A) - ETHAN JONES (Wine: Tony Cuff)
20th March 2017 v Ilkeston (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Jane Nethercott)
25th March 2017 v Grantham Town (H) - DARRYL WESTLAKE (Wine: Mike Avery)
1st April 2017 v Buxton (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Phil Payne)
3rd April 2017 v Hednesford Town (A) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Spencer Billingham)
8th April 2017 v Ilkeston (A) - STUART PIERPOINT (Wine: Haydn Ryder)
15th April 2017 v Frickley Athletic (H) - ETHAN JONES (Wine: Nicola Partridge)
17th April 2017 v Rushall Olympic (A) - JOSH GREEN (Wine: Karen Hough)
22nd April 2017 v Nantwich Town (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: John Herbert)
24th April 2017 v Workington (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Andy Hill)
29th April 2017 v Spennymoor Town (A) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Paul Higginson)


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