Spectators' Code of Conduct

For all home matches at the War Memorial Ground.

Admission to the Ground, and the right to remain, is on condition that the spectator, home team officials, away team officials and club guests shall not:

  • Chant, sing, shout indecent or racial songs.
  • Use insulting, abusive or racial language.
  • Make indecent or insulting gestures
  • Behave in a way likely to offend or endanger players, officials, other spectators or themselves.
  • Throw any missiles of any description.
  • Take glasses or glass bottles outside the bar areas.
  • Vandalise any property on site – this includes graffiti.
  • Encroach on the playing areas.
  • Climb any buildings, walls or fences (SFC officials may take such action in the recovery of matchday equipment).
  • Fail to adhere to directions given by a SFC Official or appointed official.
  • Interfere with any matchday official in the course of his or her duties.
  • Park in such a manner as to block traffic movements around the Ground or onto the pitch, or disrupt emergency access.
  • Enter any area designated for officials or players unless they have previous permission.

Remember, entrance to the Ground is a privilege, not a right!