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Man of the Match Competition 2018-19

Man of the Match Winners 2017/18

13th August 2017 v Matlock Town (H) - BRANDON HAGUE (Wine: John Herbert)
15th August 2017 v Coalville Town (A) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine: Mick Dewar)
19th August 2017 v Whitby Town (A) - PAUL McCONE (Wine: Eric Timmins)
21st August 2017 v Nantwich Town (H) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine: Gordon Thomas)
26th August 2017 v Marine (H) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine: Simon Broadhead)
28th August 2017 v Rushall Olympic (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Ade Crowley)
2nd September 2017 v Loughborough Dynamo (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Karen Oliver)
4th September 2017 v Hednesford Town (H) - MATT DODD (Wine: Paul Brookes)
9th September 2017 v Stalybridge Celtic (A) - JACK DUGGAN (Wine - Richard Clark)
11th September 2017 v Barwell (H) - MATT DODD (Wine: Paul Knowles)
17th September 2017 v St Ives Town (H) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Ceri Payne)
19th September 2017 V Mickleover Sports (A) - AARON FORDE (Wine: Tony Nash)
23rd September v Lancaster City (H) - PAUL McCONE (Wine: Tony Cuff)
26th September 2017 v Warrington Town - AARON FORDE (Wine: Ian Pilkington)
30th September 2017 v Alfreton Town (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Terry Wood)
2nd October 2017 v Coalville Town (H) - PAUL McCONE (Wine: Kevin Broadhurst)
7th October 2017 v Halesowen Town (H) - AARON FORDE (Wine: Lewis Carroll)
14th October 2017 v Macclesfield Town (H) - PAUL McCONE (Wine: Ian Hartgroves)
21st October 2017 v Grantham Town (H) - KENNEDY DIGIE (Wine: John Herbert)
23rd October 2017 v Halesowen Town (H) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Ian Pilkington)
28th October 2017 v Basford United (H) - AARON FORDE (Wine: Hayden Ryder)
31st October 2017 v Sutton Coldfield Town (A) - LUKE SHEARER (Wine: Ian Dunn)
4th November 2017 v Witton Albion (A) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Gordon Thomas)
6th November 2017 v Alvechurch (H) - AARON FORDE (Wine: Tony Cuff)
11th November 2017 v St Neots Town (A) - LUKE SHEARER (Wine: Chris O'Driscoll)
18th November 2017 v Shaw Lane (A) - LUKE BENBOW (Les Butcher)
25th November 2017 v Bradford Park Avenue (A) - STUART PIERPOINT (Wine: Andy Bullingham)
27th November 2017 v Bradford Park Avenue (H) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Kevin Price)
2nd December 2017 v Workington (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Andy Pountney)
5th December 2017 v Nantwich Town (A) - DARRYL WESTLAKE (Wine: Dave Gorton)
16th December 2017 v Leamington (A) - ARIS CHRISTOPHOROU (Wine: Simon Broadhead)
23rd December 2017 v Whitby Town (H) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Spencer Billingham)
26th December 2017 v Stafford Rangers (A) - DARRYL WESTLAKE (Wine: Paul Higginson)
30th December 2017 v Marine (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Tony Nash)
1st January 2018 v Rushall Olympic (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: Ceri Payne)
6th January 2018 v Mickleover Sports (H) - ARIS CHRISTOPHOROU (Wine: Terry James)
13th January 2018 v Billericay Town (A) - STUART PIERPOINT (Wine: Stuart Hill)
15th January 2018 v Wolverhampton Wanderers (H) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Phil Payne)
23rd January 2018 v Ashton United (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Steve Sidaway)
27th January 2018 v Grantham Town (A) - ARIS CHRISTOPHOROU (Wine: Kevin Broadhurst)
3rd February 2018 v Shaw Lane (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Pauline Wiley)
5th February 2018 v Coleshill Town (A) - CONNOR GATER (Wine: Barry Cuff)
12th February 2018 v Farsley Celtic (H) - DARRYL WESTLAKE (Wine: Gordon Thomas)
17th February 2018 v Buxton (H) - LUKE BENBOW (Wine: Peter Allen)
6th March 2018 v Altrincham (A) - LOUIS HALL (Wine: Tony Nash)
13th March 2018 v Buxton (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Karen Hough)
17th March 2018 v Ashton United (H) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Ken White)
20th March 2018 v Witton Albion (A) - AARON HAYDEN (Wine: Pauline Wiley)
24th March 2018 v Farsley Celtic (A) - NICU CARNAT (Wine: Stuart Hill)
26th March 2018 v Sutton Coldfield Town (H) - PAUL McCONE (Wine: Neil Stevens-Wood)
28th March 2018 v Matlock Town (A) - AARON HAYDEN (Wine: Karen Hough)
31st March 2018 v Halesowen Town (A) - DARRYL WESTLAKE (Wine: Josh Beddall)
7th April 2018 v Hednesford Town (A) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Paul Knowles)
9th April 2018 v Altrincham (H) - STUART PIERPOINT (Wine: Jim McComish)
14th April 2018 v Stalybridge Celtic - NICU CARNAT (Wine: Ian Dunn)
16th April 2018 v Workington (H) - BRAD BIRCH (Wine: Ceri Payne)
18th April 2018 v West Bromwich Albion (H) - BRAD BIRCH (Wine: Les Butcher)
21st April 2018 v Lancaster City (A) - MATT GOULD (Wine: Len Wiley)
24th April 2018 v Barwell (A) - BRAD BIRCH (Wine: Kevin Price)
26th April 2018 v Stafford Rangers (H) - BRAD BIRCH (Wine: Spencer Billingham)
28th April 2018 v Warrington Town (H) - LEON BROADHURST (Wine: Lewis Carroll)


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2018/19 Supporters are invited to take part in the Man of the Match competition which is held at every match
2016/17 Man of the Match Winners 2016/17 18th July 2016 v Kidderminster Harriers (H) - TOM TONKS (Wine: K


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